High-End Residential Effects

Imagine going to bed and with the touch a button: your outside doors all lock, the thermostat turns itself down to your night-time setting, your alarm system arms itself, and all of your lights turn themselves off except for night lights in the hall and bathroom. Or as the new day approaches, and shortly before your alarm goes off, the thermostat raises the room temperature to your preference. The lights begin to fade up as your favorite musical artist gently draws you into consciousness. Your coffee maker has already brewed the perfect cup; your computer has switched on and pulled up the morning news; and your security system has been disabled so you don't accidentally trip it letting the dog out.


This and many more options are available with Audio Visual Effects.


Lighting and Appliance Control

Pool and Spa

Irrigation System

Computer Automation Control


Phones & Intercoms

Video and Cameras


Wire and Management


Environmental Control

Central Vacuum

Window and Drape Control

Powerline Conditioning and Surge Protection